A well-placed chandelier in a two-story foyer does not just brighten the entrance, however likewise adds character and atmosphere. The positioning of the chandelier is just as essential as the size and design of the chandelier. A component hung expensive in a tall foyer will appear too little for the location and will not supply adequate light. On the other hand, a chandelier placed too low will cause glare and make taller guests nervous about striking their head.

Step 1
Set up scaffolding that will certainly allow you to reach the electrical box on the ceiling of the foyer safely and easily.

Step 2
Figure out the height at which the chandelier will be hung. If there is a window above the door, it ought to be focused in the window. Otherwise, hang it at least seven feet above the floor at a height that is visually attractive.

Step 3
Step the distance from the ceiling to the where the top of the chandelier will certainly hang. If required, have an assistant hold the chandelier momentarily in place while you determine.

Step 4
Mark the chandelier chain or wire at the exact same distance from the top of the chandelier as the measurement taken in Step 3.

How to Hang a Chandelier in a Two-Story Foyer
How to Hang a Chandelier in a Two-Story Foyer

Step 5
Slide the ornamental collar on to the chain so that it can slide into place after the chandelier is set up.

Step 6
Hook the chain to the outlet box at the link closest to the mark made in Step 4.

Step 7
Thread the chandelier electrical wiring from the top of the light through the chain.

Step 8
Switch off power to the electrical box where the chandelier will be attached.

Step 9
Check the wires in the electrical box utilizing an electrical tester making sure there is no power going through them.

Step 10
Strip the last inch of the wires connected to the chandelier.

Step 11
Twist the green or grounding wire around the green or grounding screw in the electrical box.

Step 12
Twist matching wire colors together from the chandelier to the electrical box and screw on a wire nut. For example, twist the black wire from the chandelier to the black wire from the electrical box. If the wire colors do not match, examine the chandelier manufacturer’s directions on linking wires.

Step 13
Push the wires into the electrical box so that they are concealed from view.

Step 14
Move the ornamental collar up the chain and screw it into place.

Step 15
Remove additional links from the chain. Use pliers to open the first connect to be removed and unhook the additional chain from the chandelier.