Before you choose to add a hot-tub in your home, you need to consider all of the implications of owning one. It’s not just about sitting in your hot-tub enjoying a warm jacuzzi on mild spring evening, but you also need to consider things such as winterizing your hot tub if you plan on not using it during the winter months. So be sure to speak with your local hot tub specialist, and family and friends who own hot tubs to discuss the pros and cons of ownership. After discussing with trusted sources you still want to own your own hot tub, the following information may be of interest if you wish to install it yourself.

Prepare the Location

Prior to the deck can be constructed, mark off the designated location with spray paint. Then, utilize a backhoe, shovels and rakes to clear the area of brush and debris. To figure out the size and shape of the deck, determine the dimensions of the jacuzzi.

Step 1

Construct the Temporary Frame

Use these measurements making a momentary frame through 2×4’s that will certainly act as a guide for the deck’s footers. This momentary frame will eventually be replaced by an irreversible frame that is somewhat bigger to allow for expansion and contraction. Cover the ground inside the short-lived frame with gravel to keep water away from the bottom of the jacuzzi.

Step 2

Dig Holes for the Footers

Dig holes for the cement footers that will certainly support the hot tub. Likewise, dig holes for the footers that will support the deck. Fill the holes with fast setting concrete mix and include water. Enable the concrete to dry.

How To Install A Hot Tub
How To Install A Hot Tub

Step 3

Develop the Permanent Frame

Build the irreversible frame for the dress up of 2×6 pressure-treated beams (Images 1 and 2). Pressure-treated wood is important considering that the deck will certainly be exposed to rain and the water from the hot tub, and pressure-treated lumber resists damage and degeneration from exposure to water or moisture. When the frame is nailed together, it needs to be squared. Procedure diagonally from corner to corner to identify if it is. You will certainly likewise have to make certain that the jacuzzi frame is focused with the exterior frame of the deck. Tie nylon string diagonally from corner to corner of the exterior frame. Then, shift hot tub frame up until the corners associate the nylon string. Figure out how much additional room will certainly be had to permit the deck to broaden and agreement. Now you prepare to change the jacuzzi’s short-lived frame with a long-term frame (Image 3).

Step 4
Add the Support Posts

After the frame is shifted into place, place 4×4 support posts in the footer holes, one in each corner and a few between. Then, drill each support post to the frame with coated deck screws.

Step 5
Set up the Joists

When the inner frame is squared and centered, attach the frames to one another with a number of 2×6 joists. These joists will certainly serve as supports for the deck. Connect a right angle bracket to the base of each support post. Due to the fact that the posts are set in concrete, very first drill pilot holes, then secure the brackets with concrete screws.