Step 1

Dig an Opening For the Post

If required, eliminate the cement base from the aged article. Dig a new hole using a post-hole digger. Baseding on basic postal service codes, a mail box ought to not sit any type of above 45 inches from street level.
Safeguard the Blog post
Step 2
Place the post in the hole. Level it and affix two support beams at the center to maintain the blog post standing up straight. Place one at the side of the article, then include one more to the back. This will make certain the blog post does stagnate while pouring the concrete and also it stays level while the concrete is drying.

How To Replace Your Mailbox.
How To Replace Your Mailbox.

Step 3
Include Concrete

Pour the completely dry concrete straight right into the hole leaving 3 to 4 inches of room from the top of the hole. In most cases a 50-pound bag of quick-dry concrete need to be enough. Saturate the concrete. For a 50-pound bag you will need about a gallon of water. Make sure to leave assistance beam of lights in position for 4 to 6 hrs or until concrete is completely dry
Step 4
Connect Mail box

A lot of mail box packages will feature a timber anchor to affix to the blog post. After screwing the support to the article, slide the mailbox over anchor and also protect with screws.